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She speaks good English, a very pleasant and soft spoken lady.Based on her history,her mentioned dispositions suggest the tendency of her getting abused.
Cooking - Her North Indian,South Indian and chinese cooking are very good, vegetarian is decent.

2016 - 2017 (Singapore - Chinese family - HDB)
​Description Of Duties :
Her primary roles were housekeeping,cooking and caretaking of an elderly.
Reasons For Leaving : Depressed family member constantly abused her verbally. She couldn't take the prolonged emotional abuse.

2015 - 2016 (Singapore - Indian family- HDB)
Description Of Duties :
Her primary responsibility was the care of twin infrants. Secondary duties included houskeeping and cooking.
Reasons For Leaving : Insufficient food provided, lacked of sleep, she was growing frail.She seeked help from M.O.M to terminate the contract after 9 months.

2013 - 2015(Ahbu Dhabi - Arab family- Landed Property)
​Description Of Duties :
Her role was rather simple, she worked alongside other helpers.General housekeeping and cooking.
Reasons For Leaving : Asika's baby fell ill and she terminated the contract to return to Sri Lanka, contract was 2 months short of completion.

2011 - 2013(Dubai - Arab family - Bungalow)
​Description Of Duties :
She worked as a housemaid, primary chores consist of cooking and cleaning.
Reasons For Leaving : Completed contract and didnt wish to renewal,employer made her to work not only in his own house but his mother's and sister's as well.

Sri Lankan
Married (30)
Ref: SL731
Upd on 16-Jan-17

2014 - 2016
Descritption of Duties : An Indian family who lived in a HDB, her primary role was the caretaking of a 7 year old child.
He other duties include housekeeping and cooking.
Reasons for Leaving : Completed contract.

She cooks excellent Sri Lanka and decent South Indian food.

Thought without experience, she is willing to take care of the elderly.

Sri Lankan
Married (36)
Ref: SL777
Upd on 16-Jan-17

Lucy loves children and would look after them with tender care.She speaks good English and little Hindi.
Her diversity enable her to work and cook for a multiracial family.Her South Indian cooking is excellent, and decent chinese food.

25/10/2013 to 9/10/2015 : 3Y3M - (Singapore - Indian Family,Condo)
Description Of Duties : Her primary role was the caretaking of a 7 year old child and an elderly woman. Her secondary duties were housekeeping and cooking.
Reasons For Leaving : Completed Contract

25/10/2013 to 9/10/2015 : 3Y3M - (Singapore - Chinese Family,4 Room HDB)
Description Of Duties : Her experience with the family was an interesting one. The family consisted of employer herself was chinese and her husband was an Indian-Muslim, there was their 15 year old daugther and the husband's elderly which Lucy had to constantly care form. She cooked Chinese food for the employer and daughter; South Indian food for the husband and his mother.
Reasons For Leaving : The FDW who used to work for the family in the past decided to return to work and the family picked her. Despite Lucy & the family having a good experience with each other. Lucy had to be let go.

Single (27)
Ref: IND010
Upd on 22-Jan-17

Ms. Disna is an extremely experience helper who is very capable of handling situations especially children(2 years old and above). She has a grand total of 14 years of experience as a helper, with 10 years as a helper in the middle east and 4 years of experience in Singapore.

3/6/2015 to 14/11/2016 : 1Y5M - (Singapore - Indian Family,Bungalow)
Description Of Duties : Her primary responsibility was to care for an elderly and a 8 year old girl. Other chores included housekeeping and cooking.
Reasons For Leaving : Employer agreed for Disna to prematurely terminate the contract to attend her daughter's wedding.

22/2/2011 to 22/1/2013 : 1Y5M - (Singapore - Indian Family,Bungalow)
Description Of Duties : Primary role was care taking of a small dog.Housekeeping and cooking.
Reasons For Leaving : A family member passed on, she needed to return back to Sri Lanka for a month, employer couldn't cope with the gap of non-assistance and was forced to replace her.

22/11/2006 to 3/11/2013 : 6Y - (Dubai - Indian Family,Condo)
Description Of Duties : Caretaking of a 1 year old, housekeeping and cooking.
Reasons For Leaving : Completed Contract.

22/9/2004 to 3/10/2006 : 2Y - (Cyprus - Arabian Family,Bungalow)
Description Of Duties :
Housekeeping, Cooking and Childcare of 1 year old.
Reasons For Leaving : She didn't like working for Arabs and left after completing the contract.

2/8/2002 to 16/7/2004 : 2Y - (Kuwait - Kuwaiti Family,Landed Property)
Description Of Duties : Her sole responsibility was housekeeping, on a large property.
Reasons For Leaving : Completed her contract and didn't renew due to the low pay.

Sri Lankan
Married (42)
Ref: SL752
Upd on 16-Jan-17


Dhanaseeli has been working in Singapore for two families since 1990 to 2012. European only.

She worked with the first family for 16 years (4 Jan 1990 to 4 Dec 2005). Her duties as domestic maid was to clean up the house, upkeep the garden and trim the grass on the compound which was near to 8000 sq. ft. She also did the cooking for a family of six which included 2 aged parents and 2 children aged 6 & 13 years old. She took good care of the 6 years old daughter who was very close to her. Conscientious and fast worker. In addition to the household chores, she had to tend to 3 dogs as well. Her performance was exemplary and she executed her duties well. She is an honest girl and would not touch the loose cash and jewellry around the house. She left her employment after she found a better paying job with another employer.

Dhanaseeli joined the second family of five in 2005 and was with them until 30 July 2012. She is trustworthy, honest and kind. She took care of the children and managed the house well when the family travelled. She is also a very good cook and can cater for children, the family or a dinner party efficiently and well. She loves dogs and cats. She was very well respected in her community.

Sri Lankan
Single (47)
Ref: SL522
Upd on 16-Jan-17

Sulakshani is really polite,soft spoken and very professional.She has a great record and both her employers are satisfied with her work.
She is very diligent in her duties Her cooking is exceptional, from Indian,western,vegetarian and Sri Lanka.

1/11/2014 to 2/1/2017 : 2Y2M (Singapore - Tamil Family,Condo)
Description Of Duties : Sulakshani's was to care for an elderly couple, one of which was immobile. Cooking and housekeeping were her roles too.
Reasons For Leaving : Elderly care being her primary requirement was, her services was no longer required after the old lady passed away.

6/7/2011 to 25/11/2013 : 2Y4M (Singapore - British Family,Bungalow)
Description Of Duties : Sulakshani's primary responsibility was the care taking of two teenagers, aged 15 & 16 as well as 2 large dogs.
Her secondary duties consisted of Housekeeping and cooking.
Reasons For Leaving : Completed contract and employer decided to leave return to the UK.

Sri Lankan
Single (35)
Ref: SL707
Upd on 16-Jan-17

Ms. Ekanayaka Mudiyanselage Panwatte Gedera Shyama Malkan Ekanayaka is a pleasant lady who has been to Singapore once before for 7 months, till her employer did not require her any longer. She is a willing worker and is ready to come to Singapore on short notice.

Sri Lankan
Married (38)
Ref: SL775
Upd on 16-Jan-17

She is a vegetarian and prefers vegetarian family, cooks excellent Indian(north and south), and Sri Lankan vegetarian food. She has experience taking care of children, even newborns.Teaching is her profession back her home country, teaches Hindi back in India. She is also able to speak decent English.

3/7/2016 - 22/11/2016 : 4 Months( Singapore South-Indian Family)
Description Of Duties : Her primary responsibility was the caretaking of a 3 & 7 year old. Housekeeping and cooking were her other responsibilities.
Reasons for Leaving : She is a vegetarian and cannot handle their food and diet, utensils and meat contact became a real problem. There was also too much work required of her.

Married (37)
Ref: IND017
Upd on 22-Jan-17

Ms. Shamali is a very cheerful and hardworking helper who is very willing to adapt to the work required of her. She has worked in Singapore for 6 months before and is ready to come any time and is available for interview over the phone on appointment.

Sri Lankan
Married (37)
Ref: SL744
Upd on 19-Jan-17

Ms. Niluka is a very hardworking well mannered helper who has 3 years and 6 months working in Singapore.

8/3/2013 to 26/9/2016 : 17M - (Singapore - Indian Family,Bungalow)|
Description Of Duties : Primary responsibility was caring for a 2 & 4 year old.Her other chores were housekeeping.
Reasons For Leaving : Completed contract.

5/4/2015 to 1/3/2015 : 2 Years - (Singapore - German Family,Condo)
Description Of Duties : Primary responsibility was caring for a 5 & 6 year old.Her other chores were housekeeping.
Reasons For Leaving : Employer decided to leave Singapore.

Sri Lankan
Married (37)
Ref: SL753
Upd on 18-Jan-17

Wimali has a very gentle disposition which enabled her to be really good with kids of all ages(above 2 years old),elderly and even pets. Sri Lankan cooking is also excellent.Overall, shes has proven to have a very professional attitude, a flexible and hardworking helper.

28/2/2012 to 20/4/2013 : 1Y2M - (Singapore - Indian(Malayalee - Kerala)) Family,Bungalow)
Description Of Duties : Cooking & Housekeeping.
Reasons For Leaving : She was paid too low without a single off day for entire course of the employment.She decided it was too much to loose and decided to terminate the contract.

20/4/2013 to 28/2/2012 : 3Y6M - (Singapore - Indian(New Delhi) Family,Bungalow)
Description Of Duties : Housekeeping,caretaking, cooking. For a family of 4. Her employer host weekly parties, who really quickly made her placed her in charge of the management and setting of the entire task.
Reasons For Leaving : Completed Contract, She completed 2 years and extended an additional 1.5 Years.

Sri Lankan
Divorced (39)
Ref: SL421
Upd on 16-Jan-17

Nancy is has a positive working attitude, she constantly take on unfamiliar task and prove to be a capable worker despite her limited experience.

16/5/2014 - 3/12/2016 : 2Y7M : (Singapore - Indian(Tamil) Family,HDB Executive)
Description Of Duties : Her rimary responsibility was care taking, of 5 & 7 year old child, and elderly who was immobile due to permanent leg injuries. Her other duties included Housekeeping, cooking.
Reasons For Leaving : She was overworked and denied sufficient rest and underpaid. She renewed her contract but decided not to continue after several months, her health has worsened over the duration of the employment.

Single (37)
Ref: IND009
Upd on 16-Jan-17

Though very soft spoken, Mary is a diligent helper and very good with kids.Also, she has a firm understanding of English and speaks it fluently, cooks excellent north-Indian food.

13/02/2015 - 04/9/2016 : 1Y7M - Uttar Pradesh(Indian) Family , HDB
Description Of Duties :
Mary's primary responsibility was the caretaking of two children, aged 11 & 15.Also did general housekeeping and cooking for the family.
Reasons For Leaving : Denied contact to family, no off days.Overworked, no time to eat. Decided she Couldn't take it.

Single (37)
Ref: IND018
Upd on 16-Jan-17

Nilanthi a single, is working for her sisters who has long term sickness and her one child. She is a diligent worker, honest and amicable.She cooks decent western and Chinese food, her South Indian and Sri Lankan cooking however, is excellent.

1989 to1996: 7 years - (Singapore - Middle Eastern Family,Landed Property)
Description Of Duties :She worked in Jordan in a big house, her duties are cleaning and cooking for the Arabs for 7 years.
Reasons For Leaving : Completed Contract.

1997 to 1998 : 2 Years - (Singapore - Chinese Family,Terrace)
Description Of Duties : She worked Terrace house in Ang Mo Kio. Her duties are Cleaning & Cooking and looking after 2 boys age 10 & 14.
Reasons For Leaving : She wanted to continue but the employer's old maid was returning.

1999 to 2003 : 4 years (Singapore - French Family,Bungalow)
Description Of Duties : She cleans cook, look after 10 year old daughter, bring her to school and other activities. She also look after 1 cat and 1 dog.
Reasons For Leaving : Finally the employer had to leave Singapore to their home country.

2012 to 2016 : 4 years - (Singapore - Indian Family,Terrace)
Description Of Duties : She is working for Malayalee in a Terrace, Indian family for 3 adults. Duties are cooking and cleaning.
Reasons For Leaving : She finished 2 contracts back-to-back wtih this family and wished to return to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan
Free Thinker
Divorced (48)
Ref: SL761
Upd on 16-Jan-17

Wasantha has a great record, she worked for a Chinese family in Singapore for 5 years. Her cooking is commendable, namely Sri lankan and vegetarian; her chinese is decent.She is very independent, keen attitude and trustworthy.

2009 - 2014 : 5 years - (Singapore - Chinese Family,HDB)
Description Of Duties : Her primary responsibility was the caretaking of a 8 year old,disabled boy.Aiding him with his day-to-day affairs. Brining him to and from school, to doctors appointment and for his daily workouts
Reasons For Leaving : Completed 2 contracts with the family but they could no longer affrod her

Sri Lankan
Married (42)
Ref: SL747
Upd on 16-Jan-17
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